Cool Video: TD Ameritrade–Overview of Currencies, Rates, and Gold

I had the privilege of joining TD Ameritrade’s Ben 

Lichtenstein, who I enjoy talking with.   People who trade futures often look across the capital markets.  By contrast, banks are so regimented and fragmented that often it seems that few follow developments in other markets that do not impact theirs in obvious or direct ways.  

In this 9.5-min clip, we talk about gold, the dollar, and interest rates.  If I am right, and the third major dollar rally since the end of Bretton Woods has ended, then we are still in the early days of what could be a multi-year move.  

I sometimes tease that there is a correlation between the number of churches and the number of mortuaries in a city.  They are correlated to population size.  Similarly, I suggest here that gold, equities, and the dollar being driven by the same force. Low-interest rates now and for as far as the eye can see.  The US interest rate advantage has been diminished, and its growth outperformance over Europe appears to have ended.


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